About me

My life is an on-going quest to find the career which provides enjoyable work, but in the smallest quantity, in return for the greatest beer purchasing power.  This quest has wound through computer programming, taken in answering technical questions on behalf of sales people, got trapped for 7 years designing logic for government departments and landed up in the world of market research, the ‘Here be dragons!” of career maps.

Along the way I’ve picked up mastery of Excel, an interest in the history of religion and a belief that most people who participate in surveys shouldn’t be allowed to vote or breed.

I spend far too much time pouring over other peoples’ opinions for the words here to represent anything other than my own. Sometimes not even that.

If you’d like more of me in your life then you can follow me on Twitter, @ExcelPope, or, more sensibly, get some sort of professional help.

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