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Me, pictured yesterday, in 1939, as somebody else

Sorry, I haven’t really kept this up to date. I’ll be sorting it out soon eventually.

In the meantime, what are you here for?

If it’s The West Wig (West Wing scenes rewritten, with Trump instead of Bartlet) then go here.

If it’s Dickshark (an enormously long review of a truly dreadful film) then right this way, sir

Gender critical writings

Cis the Sexist – My very first thoughts on trans-activism, based on a single definition

Farewell to ma’ams – A lighthearted primer in the gender argument

The unaskable question? – Asking “What if this goes wrong?” is very bad, apparently.

The wrong side of Hxstory – Am I a bad person?

Transubstantiation – The miracle of one thing changing into another

The beauty of bad – Why is the British media so transphobic? well, it turns out that not believing in horoscopes is to blame.

Give me my space – A short play that’s just about parking a motorbike. Nothing else. Just that.

In defence of some guy – If men can become women then why can’t they also become 20 years younger, eh?

The principle of explosion made me the woman I am – A logical look at things.

Tourist in the war zone – My thoughts on attending a Woman’s Place UK meeting

Bikini by-line – On the Jessica Yaniv case

Roll-on, Roelofs – Some guy wrote a really bad blog. Like, really bad.

We can do better – Ranting about my most hated phrase

Battles of the bulge – Why the indefensible is being defended

A tour of NAM – Not all men become not at all men (honest)

Act in the court – A fictional court case, with apologies to Joseph Heller

The PTA meeting – Another step on my journey to becoming the most prolific playwright ever

How not to make it obvious you hate women – A handy instruction guide for those who seem to struggle in this area

Draft includer – Thoughts on how Scotland is defining a woman

Northerner Illuminates – A guide for Philip Pullman, which proved surprisingly popular

Tales for an accelerated culture war – Just about speed limits, honest

How to chase those sweet TRA clicks – How to get your article shared by trans-rights activists

Belief – A short, serious piece on the central mantra of the trans-rights movement

Georgina Orwell writes… – Your guide to Newspeak

Pole opinion – A short, serious, piece of the difficulty of polling on gender issues.

The ocean and the candle – Splash, fssss, darkness

Definitions – When is a car not a car?

The No debating Society – We’re not talking about it

Faith and science

A league of their own

Flying a pilot – My exciting new police show. Coming soon!

Why J K Rowling must die – All is explained

Plus on change

500,000 shades of grey


Starry, starry right

The emperor’s new cause

Nineteen eighty-four is now

In defence of gender

And Gxd created womxn

Fringe benefits

Getting to the bottom of it.

An open letter in the style of the last bunch of yahoos to write an open letter

The Labour (lack of) leadership

Let he who is without sin – The problems with putting someone on a pedestal

A letter to the Corbynthians – An honest attempt to reach out to Corbyn’s supporters

Not right, but factual – More factual than or your money back

The modern Frankenstein – Corbyn: a one-man Greek tragedy

Orwell that ends well – We can fix this (yes we can!)

Corbyn a trap – Pest control, as applied to the Labour party

Jesus, Corbyn – JC, crucifixion, etc.

An open letter to the Corbynites – Deep and moving

Orwell that ends Adele – Which North Londoner should be next Labour leader?

That damn referendum

Referendum with a view – There must be a conservatory! The people have spoken!

What’s next? – Nobody knows, but I can have a good old reckon

A simple matter – It’s all perfectly straightforward

Leaves on track – What the future holds if Leave win

The price of freedom – Stop having referendums

24/6 – The day after

Intentionally un-amusing postings

Vested interest – May may out

Irrefutable indyref logic – Scottish choice made complex

Heat Petite – Heat Street? More like ‘Poo Street’!  Am I right, eh?

Disinherit the rich – A rant about an old blog you didn’t read.

GOP Fear – I need a new car, so I’m voting Trump…or something.

Welcome to however you vote – Congratulations on picking the right side in the EU referendum

Decision time – Between a cock and a hard-face.

A vote for Trump is a vote for common sense – It is, but is that really what you want?

Deus Ex High Castle – My thoughts on ‘The Man in the High Castle’

Redundant politics – Democracy, not that great, really

More pointless than watching paint dry – Leave the BBFC alone!

I’ve got Corbyn’s number – Electoral maths for the left

The original sin of socialism – My response to one Bruce Anderson claim about socialism

That picture – Drowned migrant children

Mensch vs Corbyn – Louise Mensch’s heart of darkness journey with Jeremy Corbyn

Unintentionally un-amusing postings

How Corbyn are you? – Take this fun quiz to find out

How to stop this getting a round – The menace that is Sharia Shandy Law

Michael Gove’s Diary – My exciting week in politics, by Michael (aged 48¾)

Scottish Number Problems – Innumeracy from the illegitimate

Sub-mission – My Olympic dream

The gold miner’s friend – It’s a whole new level of media

Glen McGarry, glen loss – Bored with the old Scottish Play? This one’s…um…shorter.

Wikipedia from the future presents… – A complete(ish) list of Scottish Referendums

So you STILL want to be a conspiracy theorist? – Need to know how? The BBC has a secret guide!

This will rock you – My incredibly brief birthday interview with The Queen

Boxing baby – What’s in the box, cocks?

Trapped in wealth? – Help is at hand.

Let’s talk about my election – I’m proud to be standing.

Steeler Squeal – Port Talbot…SOMETHING must be done!

Snoopers’ Chatter – Everything you need to know about the “Named Person” policy

The TART-in revulsion – Need to speak ‘Scots’ in a hurry? We have the technology!

Toys Tory – Jeremy Corbyn drops by to review Toy Story 3

Cis the Sexist – It’s a joke about an absurd situation, and I’m crazy for not keeping quiet

So you want to be a conspiracy theorist? – Discover the truth, then say “Fuck it!”

Polling: The truth – Blowing the whole scam wide-open!

The zionist menace – What is the zionist menace and why I should have researched it.

The Big Question – How and why did man first ask, “When is bin day?”

McChristmas Carol – A nationalist (well, sort of) re-telling of the Dickens classic; Part IPart IIPart III and Part IV.  Yes, I got carried away, sorry.

Lessons – Hilary Benn and the important lesson learned this week

Naivety Play – A very special telling of the Christmas story

Why I can’t wear a poppy on my jacket – My contribution to the Great Poppy Think-Piece War ’14-’18 (est)

Kids say the [classified] – Is Mrs May from number 10 spying on the kids’ tree-house?

Start Trek – All that’s wrong with Star Trek explained in one meeting

An open letter to my 13 year old car – Going all Guardian at my car for its many failings

Allah, allah, allah – A guide for British police in Saudi

Indy Ref – One year on – My vivid recollections of Indy Ref day, it’s like being there

Twitter: Know the facts! – The dangers of Twitter adiction

How it should have ended: Blakes 7 – Less sudden death, more far left

Victory Corbyn – My stab at writing a Labour leadership contest victory speech

The Crazy Corbynite’s Problem Page – Man, they have problems

What to do if you disagree with a newspaper – A handy flowchart

How to write a human rights article for the Telegraph – It’s easy!

A retrospective on the 2020 election – Looking back post-2020 (with no 2020 hindsight jokes)

Fucking dentists – Donald Trump remains at large

Andy Burnham’s movie picks – Andy Burnham offers an opinion

The red woes of Labour – The wheels are coming off the Labour wagon

Hard-worrying family man – Pre-budget thoughts

Job or Boj? – The blog post my wife thinks is good

David Cameron on Human Rights – What they are, and why you don’t need them

Everything you need to know about the Queen’s speech – Written without checking Wikipedia

A quick word from almighty God – The creator of humanity on gay rights

Mad Max: A triumph of meninism – Max Max, feminist?  Nah.

Cameron’s Britvision – Brexit time?

Meet the new Labour leader – Man, how wrong was I?

A so-called open letter to the Prime Minister – A kipper writes

Balustrade Lanyard postings

What your wife’s Balustrade Lanyard day gift means – You need to know

Balustrade Lanyard, we barely understood thee – An obituary


What I did on my summer holidays – My writing skills brings Provence alive

Dickshark IV (son of Dickshark) – Will the horror never end?

Richard-shark III (not Shakespeare!) – Even I think this is a bad idea now

Dickshark II – The terrible review of the terrible film continues

Dickshark, with a splash of Brexit – After terrible news, a terrible film.

Top take, hot gear – New new Top Gear.  Ooo, hot-take!

LabourLost – LabourList cowardice criticised, while you wait!

How to construct a Blairite witch-hunt – Need some lefties clearing out? Step this way.

SPANNERED! – The April 1st doxing of Brian Spanner

Spannergate – What it is and why you should laugh at it.

Meta[bs] – I’m giving up smoking and it’s all gone a bit weird.

Cosmonut – An open letter to Simon Jenkins about space.

It’s time to vote Conservative – Is it?

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