It’s time to vote Conservative

Almost immediately after Jeremy Corbyn’s election to the Labour leadership the Prime Minister tweeted this…

dc threat tweet

This sentiment was tweeted, slightly reworded, by other MPs and more still gave the same story to the press.  This was the party line.

If you’re a Conservative supporter, or just not a fan of the left, it’s a message of self-evident truths.

For Corbynites it’s outrageous name-calling.

The liberal will see it as the ugly face of the party machine.

Or you could see it as the output of a party that gets things done.  They knew, to a man, what their response was going to be and had key people lined up to spread the word through a variety of media.  Twitter took the piss, of course, but if Cameron had been announcing the imminent arrival of hundreds of thermonuclear missiles Twitter would have taken the piss.  Saying that people retweeted the message to laugh at it is to miss the point…they retweeted it. The opponents of the Government played an active part in the dissemination of its message.

Plus, you have to grudgingly admire a party that can so seamlessly get all of its MPs singing from the same hymn sheet, especially when compared to a Labour Party that’s unable to get all of its MPs to even go to the same church.

This is why the Tories win elections, not because of their politics, but because they understand so much better than the opposition how the game of politics is played.

We can rail against that, call it spin, accuse them of having the media on their side and claim it’s unfair, but it looks pretty effective compared to Corbyn’s strategy of handing the media ammunition and then feigning surprise when they shoot him.  Honestly, I’ve no problem with his policies harking back to the 80s, but did we have to forget everything we learned since then?

Media onslaught in 10,9,8...
Media onslaught in 10,9,8…

Labour has damaged itself beyond repair.  If they keep Corbyn then they lose the right of the party; and you just know that Cameron has 20 Labour MPs waiting to jump ship that he’s saving for the point when their defection will do the most damage to a party already on the ropes.  If they ditch Corbyn then they set adrift half a million or more supporters, who will adopt as an article of faith that his left-wing policies would have won an election for them.

I’m sure there are a few Corbyn fans pretty angry by now and I honestly empathise.  I’ve always leaned to the left (at the time of writing I’m a dues paying member of the Green party) and I genuinely wanted him to be brilliant, but he’s just not.  Leave aside the over-hyping of trivia like singing the national anthem, forget his more extreme policies that were dropping within the first 24 hours of him becoming leader, turn a blind eye to his dodgy friends – oh, you already were – and look just at his big show-boating moment, Prime Minister’s Questions.  Tell me honestly that wasn’t Cameron in the role of a professional goal-keeper letting an under-7s football team take penalties against him.  When he said  that there will be some things that he and Corbyn can work together on that was him condescendingly letting one trickle over the line, just to show he’s a nice guy.

I don’t think Cameron is a nice guy.  I can’t hear him say a sentence without feeling that it’s been carefully calculated to within 0.01 of a voter how much support it will gain, but that’s sort of the point…if the Conservative Party were Skynet then Cameron is the Terminator they’d build, and Labour’s response, who is looking more like Marvin the paranoid android armed with a home-made catapult, isn’t going to stop him.

“Follow me if you want to live!”
“Um, can I have a minute to decide?”

We have wandered into a one party state, not through evil machinations of the right, but by the failure of the left to present a coherent and credible alternative.

But we’ve just had a brilliant example of how entryism can fuck change a party. We’ve reached a point where it’s going to be easier to steer the Conservatives than rebuild Labour, so now’s the time to join up with the only party that can win in 5 years time.  Maybe we together can steer them to the centre, or maybe we can just level the playing field by shafting them as comprehensively as we’ve shafted ourselves.

One thought on “It’s time to vote Conservative

  1. Good blog! I would make two comments: firstly, I don’t think that the Labour Party would have won the next election, whoever was in charge and whatever their policies. Corbyn is a luxury leader, he can propound any nutty policies he wants, because he isn’t expected to actually win anything. A lot more palatable in some ways, but similar to Iain Duncan Smith’s “leadership” of the Tories.
    Secondly, I hope with all my stony political heart that the future opposition to the ruthlessly efficient Conservatives comes from somewhere else than Labour. It really is time for something new that tells left and right to sling its rusty old hook.


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