Flim-flam review

Hi, and welcome to film club.  As a special treat tonight we have a review of Zoolander 2 written by the comments section beneath a ‘Jeremy Corbyn for PM’ Facebook post.

Still more electable than Labour

Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2 is the best film ever because it has Ben Stiller in.  I hadn’t heard of Ben until I saw this film, but he’s the greatest and all the films he’s in are really funny.

Some idiots are saying that Zoolander 2 isn’t a good film and that The Godfather is better, but when I went to see Zoolander 2 the cinema was full…I’ve never even seen a cinema showing that Godfather film, probably because it only appeals to cinema snobs.

People who say Zoolander 2 isn’t good are going to look pretty stupid when it wins the best comedy Oscar.

Ben Stiller is brilliant in everything.  Night at the Museum 2 is rubbish.  Ben wasn’t in Night at the Museum 2.  Night at the Museum 2 was ages ago.  Night at the Museum 2 was really good.  Why do Ben haters keep talking about Night at the Museum 2? It wasn’t as bad as Avatar.

zoolander meme.png

Owen Wilson’s a cunt. You can tell he’s just trying to ruin Ben’s film, because he’d rather be at the RSC playing Hamlet or something posh like that. He’s a traitor to actors.

Everyone I know says that Zoolander 2 is the best film ever, and 2 of them are Jewish.  So much for anti-Semitism.  They even paid to see it!

I used to be a huge Bowie fan, but after he refused to appear in Zoolander 2 I deleted all of his songs that I’d downloaded.

Anybody who didn’t appear in Zoolander 2 shouldn’t be allowed to be in films ever again, simple as!!!

Derek Zoolander is just like Albus Dumbledore and if J K Rowling says he’s not that’s because she can’t see the truth over the piles of money she got from them sell-out Harry Potter films.

I’ve been a fan of Ben ever since he appeared in Daredevil and without that film we wouldn’t have had all the Avengers films.  I bet a lot of people who put Ben down really like Captain America: Civil War, and their hipocrassy sickens me!


That’s all we have time for right now, but join us next week when people who complain on Facebook about cyclists not paying road tax analyse the use of metaphor in French new wave cinema.

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