“Ovaries?” was not the right answer.

In fairness my wife didn’t give me any context, she simply stuck her phone between my face and Westworld and asked, “How about these?”

Even the smallest of clues, “What do you think of these wall-lights?”, for example, might have solicited a more appropriate response…”They’re lovely and if they’re what you want providing light then we should absolutely get them.”

But she didn’t, so I answered “Ovaries”. She wasn’t thrilled.  I told her we should get them anyway, but she was unconvinced. Now all she could see was ovaries. Being a midwife I imagine she gets enough of that at work.

Eventually our daughter was summoned downstairs and told to give her first reaction to the picture she was about to see.

Despite my wife’s later protestations and sulking there was no collusion, my daughter looked at the picture and immediately said “Ovaries?”

I guess we’re not getting these lights.


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