Dickshark: The FINal chapter (part II)

This Dickshark review was born on the day the UK voted to leave the EU.

I never intended it to take 9 months and 12 blog posts to review but, as it has, it seems fitting that it ends today, the day that the UK formally notifies the EU of its intention to leave.

There are other synchronicities as well:

  • It’s a fucking stupid idea
  • It’s a fucking stupid idea, being implemented by the least talented people possible
  • It’s a fucking stupid idea, being implemented by the incompetent, entirely it seems for the benefit of one, smirking homunculus
  • It has no idea of what it wants to be
  • There’s no plan or structure to it
  • Because there’s no plan people just keep saying whatever comes into their heads, and then that’s what we’re doing now
  • A lot of it is just there to appeal to the lowest common denominator
  • Did I mention that it’s a fucking stupid idea?
  • It ends really, really badly

Of course, although it seems to go on forever, the whole thing is done and dusted in 2½ hours. It’s not like it goes on for years, and then negatively impacts your life for decades after that.

Thank god there’s nothing like that, eh?

And thanks also that we never have to think about Dickshark (or anything like it) ever again.

It’s all gone down the crapper now


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