I think it’s fair to say that the past 18 months have put me firmly on the anti- side of the Corbyn argument. On Twitter I’ve made a lot of jokes at the expense of Corbyn and his supporters, on Facebook, and in real life, I’ve argued and debated with them, been round and round their loops of obfuscation and denial, but I’ve never been angry with them.

Until now.

Now, when those who’ve fawned over Corbyn since his entry into the leadership contest, who’ve been at the forefront of denouncing ‘Blairites’, who’ve called for the deselection of decent Labour MPs, who’ve minimised Labour’s 1997-2010 record, and also Corbyn’s pre-2015 atrocities, who’ve reposted and quote The Morning Star and The Canary, while screaming that the ‘MSM’ is a Zionist tool being used against them…now that those people are hurriedly trying to win back the voters that they told to ‘fuck off and join the Tories’ by painting a vote for Corbyn’s Labour as being the only possible opposition to the Conservative’s destructive path.

corbyn bit shit

Seriously, fuck you all.

Corbyn isn’t going to save the NHS. He’s not going to build thousands of new affordable homes, he’s not going to make schools into palaces, universities free, pensioners wealthy or end poverty. He’s not going to do any of those things for four reasons:

  1. He’s incompetent. Massively, massively incompetent. He can’t do a no-seats-on-the-train stunt without falling flat on his face. He can’t fill a shadow cabinet. He can’t plan. And he’s surrounded himself with people whose incompetence equals his own. Between them they can’t run a government and an economy, they can’t even run a political party.  He’s a protester. He complains about things being wrong. He’s never had to make things right, and he doesn’t know how to do it.
  2. He doesn’t want to. He’s spent his entire adult life fighting the establishment and fighting against his own party, and when he is the establishment all that’s left for him to fight against is his party. If you’re shaking your head and telling yourself it wouldn’t be like that then go and re-read Lillian Greenwood’s resignation speech. He sacrificed political capital, abandoned a cause he repeatedly talks about and shafted his own shadow-minister to fight with his own party instead.
  3. He won’t win anyway. All of those guilt-wrangling social media updates won’t even be seen by enough people to make any measurable difference. Anybody taken in by this sanctimonious call for unity will find their vote used for only one thing, helping Corbyn stay in charge of Labour after the election.
  4. You’re a hypocrite. Because if you’d wanted to keep the Tories out you’d have backed away when it became clear he wasn’t going to be any good at the job. When his IRA and Hamas support became clear you’d have thought, “Hang on, this isn’t going to play well to the nation”, instead of excusing it or trying to twist it into his personal crusade to bring about world peace. When he was weak on anti-Semitism you’d have disowned him and found a stronger candidate, instead of accusing Jews of plotting against him. You wouldn’t have dismissed polls as biased or false. You wouldn’t have found excuses for Copeland. You wanted this. You wanted a Labour party that couldn’t possibly take on the Tories and (slow clap) you got it.

Fuck you all. I just wish the rest of us weren’t going to get fucked as well.

29 thoughts on “Rant

  1. Agree…..but, how you going to vote, because there’s no other option. He’s a royal pain in the arse, but anyone left of centre has nowhere else to go. Unless you have a solution you are keeping to yourself?


    • Well, for more credible left-wing policies and responsible leadership there’s always the Monster Raving Loonie Party. Sure, they won’t win power either, but at least they provide entertainment, which is more than Corbychev can manage.


  2. If you pompous self-righteous shits had been a little more vociferous when Labour were backing workfare, student loans, welfare cuts, attacks on immigration we probably wouldn’t have Corbyn now.

    But you didn’t. And we do. So fuck you too. You brought this on yourself. And the whining is getting tedious because you still don’t get it.

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    • When was this all happening? Labour haven’t accomplished anything half decent in many a long year. It’s all been downhill since Blair. Corbyn has just gone beyond rock bottom. And as for Diana Abbot, words fail me.

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  3. Labour is dead as a national party and is now just a lively cult – Corbyn will never relinquish the leadership and the members won’t force him out. People who want to win elections and change society need to work out how to do so under another name, and they need to do so now.


  4. This reeks of the don’t vote for Hillary Clinton shite from the US election. I don’t like Corbyn and I don’t like Hillary so much either but the choice in our election is so hideous, I don’t see what the alternative is unless you’re purchased an island somewhere sunny for all us moderate Labour liberals to all emigrate to. I’m guessing you haven’t so we’re stuck here, right?

    If you want the cuts and the rest of the Tory far right hideous policies to continue, then please do not bother voting as a ‘protest’ (that’ll show ’em) or vote for the Lib Dems, the Greens or if you’re stupid enough, vote Tory. Don’t vote Labour. Well done you. Down to the Winchester, sink a few pints and wait until it all blows over, eh?

    I cancelled my Labour Party membership when Corbyn forced the three line whip to vote for Brexit measures in the last Parliament. His stalking horse, long game get us out of Europe tactic appalled me. He is no European.

    We’re ruled by dolts on every side. You have to decide who is less of a dolt and will genuinely (attempt at least) to look after the population of this island, instead of slowly turning it into the police state May and her cronies want. So I’m going to vote Labour and hope. I wish Labour had accepted a coalition with the Lib Dems and Greens but Corbyn in his wisdom turned that down, the block head.

    If Labour by some miracle win then let us down afterwards, we can hang the whole lot of them in Parliament Square and have a big party of the end of the world.

    So, choose your dolt.

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  5. Spot on. Corbyn has proven to be the complete and utter disaster for Labour and by extension the poorest in our society. He has set back progressive politics twenty years.


  6. People keep attacking Corbyn, supposedly in the name of helping the Labour party win. But the only alternative leaders put forward have been bland non entities, running from any opinion that might be badly portrayed by the press. If you really want someone else to lead, propose someone with an inspiring vision for where to go next. For all his faults Corbyn has presented something he believes in, that inspires people, that the majority of the party want. You want rid of him, stop just undermining him, offer something better.

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  7. So what then? You just going to fucking moan and rant as well in your own self-righteousness! What then?


  8. I’ve deleted your comment, because it seems to include your e-mail address and password. If you’d like to resubmit it I’ll be happy to approve it.
    Thanks, Andrew


    • This rant just recycles Tory media rhetoric, sadly. Basically, it’s saying that it’s better to lose an election to the Tories to satisfy your selfish anti-Corbyn hang-ups. That’s sick and gives no thought (or support) to those people who will really suffer as a consequence of this.

      I’m a Labour party member and have been a life-long supporter and I can’t be labelled a ‘Corbynista’ – if there was a great replacement for him I would have no problem with that. But….. I and many others fully support his policies and I’m delighted that his leadership has moved the terrain of debate.

      Previously, we had a party that danced to the Tory tune, bought and SOLD the lie of Labour economic mismanagement, backed austerity and lost its way. During the Blair/Brown leadership social housing disappeared and nothing was done to replace it. The party was distant, arrogant and not accessible to ordinary members.

      The EU extension that opened borders to new eastern European countries, and was limited by other EU nations was swallowed lock, stock and barrel, facilitating the onward march of the Brexiters. Tax credits subsidised businesses and locked low-paid workers into the bullying regime of the DWP.

      We now face losing the last remnants of everything good that previous generations fought for – the NHS, social housing, policing by consent, life-long, good quality education and training, pensions , British assets. 91 pence of every pound is retained by Westminster and Parliament is rendered toothless by the Executive. Journalists face 14 year jail sentences for reporting whistleblowers…….

      Instead of recycling Daily Mail anti-Corbyn bullshit (Hamas and the IRA….. (kindly note that the Foreign Office via Sir Jeremy Greenstock was at the forefront of trying to introduce Hamas to electoral politics), try recognising that insulting people, publicly tearing the party apart and not fighting this election with everything you’ve got, makes you as bad as these noxious, far-Right Libertarians, that are driving the British bus off a cliff.

      Rants like this are part of the problem and until the distant chatterati recognise and stop talking AGAINST the party instead of openly WITHIN the party we’re doomed. I don’t know about you but for the first time in my life I am terrified of what the future holds for myself and others at the bottom of the pile.

      You might not like him but Corbyn is what we have right now and that’s nowhere near as bad as you claim. When I knock on doors it’s Labour’s infighting that’s causing the problem not Labour policies. We have one month to challenge these Tories, please get on board, shut-up with the divisiveness and fight to win.


  9. Your tedious apologia for Blair is far more sickening than anything Corbyn has ever done.

    Blair had one decent term, and then went on to his more well-known role of poodle for oligarchs and the U.S. president, enriching himself massively in the process, of course.

    I think the main thrust of your “argument” is actually “poor people will die if the Tories win, and I know it, but I’d rather keep whining than support Corbyn” and you are, in a tiny way, ashamed of helping to make sure that those poor people die – you _just aren’t ashamed enough_.

    I’ve heard that political parties can change leader, and if Corbyn is so “incompetent”, getting him elected and then replaced seems a far more logical act than letting May and her horrid robots kill whatever is left of decency in this country.

    But, hey, don’t mind me. I’ve just seen enough hungry kids where I work to understand the actual impact the Conservatives will have if they win another term.

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  10. No you fuck off with self-righteous smugness. You people have been backstabbing and moaning about him since the day he was elected. It is one thing to criticize, it is another to outcry for him to resign or leave. Now when an election is called, instead of rallying together, you people have not ceased your calls and attacks against him. When he loses in June, you would probably be patting yourself on the back for being right, but all you have done is made a self-fulfilling prophecy come true. The left have tolerated the Blair-era, why can’t you smug liberal elites return the favor?

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  11. All this is yesterday’s rant. The landscape has and is changing under our feet and we should be really listening. Right / left / labour and Tory bashing is a waste of energy. This has so far nailed it for me. Interested to hear what you think? Parties who adapt their policies and messaging will win. No faith Corbyn is flexible enough to even start the journey. https://capx.co/is-this-the-anywhere-vs-somewhere-election/?omhide=true.

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  12. For anyone asking ‘who do I vote for instead’ I’d suggest the best thing we can hope for from this election is that the Tory majority is kept to as much of a minimum as possible. Which means voting tactically. If that means you have to hold your nose and vote for SNP, LibDems or Labour, then do it. That’s the only way anything can be salvaged from the royal mess Labour have got themselves into. Leaders can (and will) change – just look at the events since the last election – and even Corbyn will have to go eventually.


  13. Never any actual real facts from the anti-Corbyn camp. Lets look at the IRA accusation, Marget Thatcher and other prominent Tory MPs of the time also met with Sinn Fein, no mention of that here, so no balance from you, one thing is for sure his motivation was for peace, unlike May meeting with Saudi Arabia so we can sell arms, thats ok, yeah right, Hamas, believing that Tory shit just highlights how dumb you must be. You can anything out of context. Like you said… ‘kill disabled people.’ You heartless bastard. Copeland, here get educated on Copeland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1cCgOwMeQs and just you bleeting incompetent, incompetent only makes you incompetent, doesn’t make Corbyn so. May losing 114 files on paedophile’s ,thats incompetent unless of course you don’t believe she was being incompetent and did it on purpose to cover up the role of leading Tory MPs who fucked children,and I’m talking how they have increased child poverty.


  14. What a dishonest person you are, to post an out of context tweet to try and sheer someone you disagree with. You know full well the rest of the thread clarified that tweet, and it is extremely dishonest to smeer me as a morning star/ canary reading anti smite who calls for deselections. I’m even on the open letter condemning Corbyn for platform sharing with the SWP ffs.

    As the rest of the thread stated, I’d never criticise someone for voting for a different progressive party if they felt strongly. But if you just don’t like the leader and you choose to vote for the Conservatives, then you were never labour.

    We on the left have held our noses and voted for the lib centre least worst candidate to support you for decades. Time you did the same.


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