The real feel

Today the emotional magic 8-ball of Twitter has thrown at me accusations that Tracy Ann Oberman is crying “crocodile tears” over those defending the spraying of graffiti on a wall in the Warsaw Ghetto, and that concerns over a menacing card left in an MP’s office were “faux outrage”

It would be easy to rant (many have), but it’s time to appreciate just how hard life is at the moment for Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters.

Like a teenager in the grips of their first crush, they experience the world far more deeply than jaded centrists and neo-liberals. They have a unique sense of the vastness of it all, and a vista on the senselessness of it as well. Nobody else has feelings like them. Not just feelings, but feelings. They have empathy, others have apathy. Most are perspex people, they have perfect perspective.

Look at the Antisemitism issue; how can Britain’s Jewish population be ‘worried’ about the prospect of a man with four decades of history of befriending Jew-haters becoming PM while, at the same time, Israel are suppressing the human rights of Palestinians? They just can’t be, right? It must be a smear. A pretend concern, because if they had real concerns then they’d be atop a soap-box, denouncing the injustices of the Israeli state.

And it doesn’t end with Israel. How can people bemoan the state of Labour when people are dying in Yemen? How – HOW! – can anything else matter when austerity is killing the poor? Don’t talk about the negative effects of Brexit when the Windrush generation are being so maltreated? If you’re not crying yourself to sleep over these human tragedies then are you even a real person? These are trump cards in any debate. You don’t like this policy? Tough shit, pal, Iraqis are dying!

At the centre of this maelstrom of Windrush and austerity and arms sales to Saudi and Israel killing children and Iraqi corpses is Jeremy Corbyn, the only man who can possibly end it all. If you don’t support him then you condone everything bad in the world. Everything.

Why don’t you see this?

He has always been on the right side of history.

No, wait, that deserves capitals…he has always been on The Right Side of History.

He protested against apartheid, for goodness sake! Who else did that?

Jeremy Corbyn has had enough of your shit!

If you don’t support him then your feeling aren’t real. Your protests are feigns. Your ‘concerns’ are mere tactics. Your objections are objectionable. Your history is bunk. You’re not like a real person; not like somebody who has to be valued. You have no place in the decent society he’s going to bring about.

Don’t worry, though. We know how to take care of people who don’t belong in decent society. We can make places for you. Good places. Educational places.

You won’t need to bother the people with real feelings much longer.


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