We can do better

do better

“Do better” is the fucking worst.

“Do better” is a conclusion without a debate, an argument without facts, the enforcement of an agreement that you never signed up to.

“Do better” is pomposity itself, astride its highest horse, telling you that your opinion is worthless.

“Do better” is “Be more like me” wrapped in a cliched ‘inspirational’ poster to hide that it’s blushing from the sheer fucking effrontery of claiming to be the arbiter of absolute moral truth.

“Do better” is “Right side of history” for right now, by people who think they get to decide which way history twists.

“Do better” is “You’re shitty” for people who will, at the end of the day, pat themselves on the back for building people up, instead of tearing them down, then lull themselves to sleep with the thought of what a good person they are. Don’t trust anyone who’ll flat-out lie to their own fucking face like that.

“Do better” is condescending, patronising, self-serving double-think for those who’ve learned to stop their train of thought before it leaves comfortville.

“Do better” is the “Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all just be nice?” where the speaker defines “nice”…and probably “all”.

“Do better” is what those who are doing nothing say to those who are doing something.

“Do better” is the motto of the dogmatic, the bête noire of reason.

“Do better” is the fucking worst.

If you can’t do better than “Do better” then just do one.


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