Mad Max: A triumph of meninism

Spoiler Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Mad Max: Fury Road, but almost all of them are made up. I mean, how do you spoil a film that’s one long car-chase? I could tell you that Max doesn’t get killed, but as you probably already know that Tom Hardy has signed up for 2 more Mad Max films you must have guessed that.  Unless they’re going to be prequels, of course…because if one thing says ‘best instalment of the franchise’ it’s the word ‘prequel’.  There, I’ve spoiled prequels for you forever.

A men’s right web-site, The Fellows of the Ring, has attracted a disproportionate amount of attention this week for claiming that the new Mad Max film, Fury Road, is feminist propaganda based on:

  1. Not watching the film,
  2. Hearing that the female lead speaks more than the male lead, and
  3. Why did she have to leave me?  The bitch!

If the author of the FotR piece had seen the film they’d have discovered that it’s a masterpiece not of feminism, but of meninism.

The standard trope of action films is that the male and female leads start off hating each other, but over the course of the film she wins him over with her feminine wiles and boobs.  Sure enough, when Max and Furiosa first meet they fight, then they learn to work together and, by the end of the film, Max…well, Max gives her a casual wave and leaves her to it.  Preferring to leave her than have to hang around her in literally the only place for hundreds of miles that has any water, fuel or people who don’t want to kill him.

Why?  Why does Max turn away from Furiosa.  It’s because Furiosa is a man, and not a woman – as the feminists are claiming.  How do we know this?  Well, Mad Max is a film that’s all about subtly and context, so let’s look at the evidence:

  1. Furiosa is really good at fighting – a boy thing.
  2. ‘She’ can also drive really well (although, to be fair, we never get to see her reverse or parallel park)
  3. ‘She’ is markedly different from the other women in the film who either (a) dress themselves from the net curtain aisle and sit around quietly, doing what they’re told, or (b) sit around with their massive tits hooked up to milking machines.
  4. In fact, it’s never even made clear if she has boobs at all.
  5. Furiosa is Immortan Joe’s right-hand-man, a point underlined by ‘her’ literally not having a left-hand at all.
  6. ‘She’ is played by an actor called Charlie.
  7. ‘Her’ motivation for the first half of the film is getting back to her mother, just like I had to when that bitch left me a took everything.  The fucking, fucking bitch!

What this film is about is two men helping each other out, in a manly way, doing manly things and then sharing a blokish, “Cheers, mate,”, “No worries, see you,” at the end.

Ignore any nonsense you hear about this film being feminist, go and see it and enjoy manly things; fast driving, fighting and accidentally spraying your teeth silver because you had a couple of beers when you were tidying up the ol’ Mondeo.  This is a triumph of maninism, made all the sweeter by tricking the feminists into watching it.

Want to go for a beer to celebrate us both having a penis?
Want to go for a beer to celebrate us both having a penis?

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