An open letter to the Corbynites

In these difficult political times, as our nation stands on a precipice – convinced there by those who believe it can fly – leaderless, bleeding and uncertain we need to band together.

Our immediate political future must see us united by the big issues, not split by petty differences.  In that spirit I have written an open letter to the Corbynites, in the hope that we may form a coherent and effective opposition party, that can fight the fractured Tories and the forces that threaten to drive us into uncharted and unplanned waters.

This is a heartfelt letter, so I make no apologies for its length, the strong sentiment, nor the strong language required to carry such sentiment.

Dear Corbynites,

You’re going to get us all killed, you fucking crazy cunts!



4 thoughts on “An open letter to the Corbynites

    • Sorry that you didn’t like it, but, with respect, the are destroying the Labour party, crumbling any hope of a forceful opposition to the right-wing Tory onslaught we’re about to reap and, thereby, condemning thousands – tens of thousands – who they claim to represent to suffering the name of an ideology they oppose. While all I did was use a couple of swear words.


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