What I did on my summer holidays

Day 1: Driving

Day 2: Driving. Ferry

Day 3: Ferry. Driving

Day 4: Driving

Day 5: Nowt

Day 6: Nowt

Day 7: Nowt

Day 8: Nowt. Some restaurant where we waited ages and ages for the bill. Lots of French people complaing, but I can only say “Hello” and “My name is Julian”

Day 9: Some chateau

Day 10: Nowt

Day 11: Nowt

Day 12: Nowt

Day 13: Driving

Day 14: Driving. Ferry. Driving.

Provence last week, pictured yesterday



3 thoughts on “What I did on my summer holidays

  1. I’ve got a son called Julian, although I doubt that this would be of much interest to anyone other than me and your mother, and any the few other mothers with sons of this name I’ve only ever met one other in my quite long life.


    • My first attempts at speaking French were at a French Club in primary school. For reasons now unclear they made us draw names from a hat and I got “Julian”, and had to introduce myself as such. Why they thought this would be easier than us using our real names I have no idea.


      • Oh well, never mind.

        Personally, I have never felt the need or necessity to say, “Je m’appelle” in all of the twenty three years I have lived here, although everyone around here knows that my first name is Maureen. A name I never use because I have been called Mitch, along with the rest of my family since the day I first went to school. Thank God.
        I went to a Fete de Voisin some weeks ago and everyone, some of whom I never see from one year to the next, all said, “Bonjour, Maureen.” This was really okay because the French have an entirely different accent for a name I actually loath.

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