Not right, but factual

Introduction from Jeremy

The face of the next Prime Minister of the UK, pictured yesterday (FACT!)

Hello and thank you for coming to my new Internet page.  I know a lot of my supporters, non-specific deity bless them, have been coming under fire from Blairite bullies on-line, so this page is designed to help them present the facts.

We hope you find the information that follows useful and believe it to be true as much as we want you to.

Question 1: Is Corbyn unelectable?

Absolutely not.  The polls carried by the so-called mainstream media show a healthy lead for the Tories, but before putting too much credence into these figures consider:

  1. Often the biased MSM doesn’t even ask Jeremy to vote in these polls!
  2. The MSM are trapped in a Westminster bubble.  It’s normal for these polls take as much as 15% of their sample from London alone!
  3. More accurate polls, carried out on Twitter, in The Mirror, at Momentum rallies, etc. show Jeremy leading by as much as 99 points.
  4. Polls have been wrong before, and if they’ve been wrong before then they’re wrong now, and if they’re wrong now then they’re wrong in a way that favours the Tories.
  5. The people who run polling companies are all Tory stooges anyway.

Even the most anti-Corbyn commentators concede that if a general election were held now then Labour could easily win 20 or 30 seats.

Also, some polls show a clear Labour lead, such as this one…

1997 polling

So much for “unelectable”…it’s just Blairite lies.

Question 2: Does Corbyn really have support outside the hard-left?

Firstly, it’s a mistake to classify Corbyn as “hard-left”; he’s a solid centrist politician, who simply happens to disagree with everybody else on what constitutes “the centre”.

This is obvious when you consider that the hard-left have a reputation for poor leadership, in-fighting, very limited electoral support, poor economic policies and unrealistic goal that Jeremy can’t be one of them.

The support for Jeremy is obvious from his rallies.  At a recent Momentum event Seumas Milne carefully measure the crowd density in the front of the stage and it became apparent that if that the crowd had been just a few hundred square-miles then every single person in the world would have been there.  That’s an astounding figure, especially for a hard-left politician…just like Jeremy isn’t.

Question 3: Is Jeremy an anti-Semite?

Jeremy doesn’t even know the meaning of the word!

Remember, dictionaries are full of Tory propaganda!

Question 4: Does Jeremy want Britain to leave the EU?

During the referendum campaign Jeremy demonstrably did more to promote the Remain message than any other politician with the same name.  In fact he campaigned so hard that at one point he went to Malta to persuade the people there that they should vote for the UK to remain in the EU!

Although Jeremy did flirt with anti-EU ideology for a short period of 4 or 5 decades he was passionate about not only getting Labour supporters to vote to remain, but also, in the interests of fairness, giving them comprehensive information about what a useless, expensive and corrupt organisation it was.  This was absolutely not him supporting Brexit, simply him giving a balanced view of the situation, just as he does every time he speaks.  Nearly every time.

When the result came in Jeremy’s deep love of democracy led him to call for the immediate invocation of article 50, beginning the formal process of the UK leaving the EU, it was nothing to do with his personal feelings at all.

Now that the people have decisively spoken in favour of leaving the EU Jeremy feels it is his moral obligation to support them in this.

Question 5: Why are the media biased against Jeremy?

Simply because the media is run by corrupt billionaires who fear that Jeremy will hold them to account when he becomes Prime Minister. This is true even for the elements of the media that pretend to support Labour are really just concealing their real support for the Tories or, worse, slightly more moderate Labour candidates.

This bias is disgraceful and unfair.  While Jeremy is firmly committed to all democratic decisions, except the small number that go against him, he is also well aware that the majority of people are stupid enough to believe what they read in the papers and see on the TV.  This is why his skilled media management team have developed a strategy of whining all of the time that everything is biased against them, because that’s a good look and a winning plan.

Question 7: Are the web-sites and social media accounts that support Jeremy just peddling lies, misinformation and conspiracy theories?

Of course not, and the people saying that are Blairites, traitors to the Labour movement and were involved in planning 9/11.

Question 8: Isn’t Jeremy Corbyn just another career politician?

Absolutely not, in fact in a decade as a councillor and 33 years as an MP Jeremy has learned nothing at all about politics.

Question 9: Was Jeremy an IRA supporter?

This is a vile slander on Jeremy’s good character!  It simply happens that Jeremy’s peace-plan for Northern Ireland, which involved immediately withdrawing all British troops, surrendering all British sovereignty over Ireland and letting the Irish folk sort out their differences in their own, good-natured way, just happened to be the same as the IRA’s peace plan for Ireland.

Jeremy in no way supported the IRA’s terror campaign and made that point on the many, many occasions that he met with Gerry Adams, albeit in quite a quiet voice that Gerry may not have heard at the time.

Question 10: Is Jeremy 11 feet tall?

The shortest person known and verified was Chandra Bahadur Dangi, who was amazingly only 1’9½” tall.  That is a lot less than 11 feet, but Jeremy can be scientifically proven to be a lot taller than Chandra, so the weight of evidence is that, yes, he is 11 feet tall.

That’s all the questions you need answering, any further questions will be after you vote for Jeremy.

Author’s note: Amazingly this is my 100th blog post. Many, many thanks to all of the people over the past year-and-a-bit who’ve taken the time to read my pointless witterings, it really does mean a lot to me.  Thank you.

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